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Organizational Improvement Services & Consulting

We have identified the best cutting-edge tools to help organizations and coaches boost their results. Our newest partnership is with Workplace Stars and their unique, data-drive improvement process.

Workplace Stars ORG360™ Feedback & Improvement Process

Workplace StarsThe ORG360™ uses the latest technology to highlight crucial areas for continuous improvement of your organization. It consists of 15 known drivers of workplace excellence in the area of leadership, strategic direction, recognition, job satisfaction, learning & development, teamwork, service to others includes open response questions that enables an anonymous, reliable and quantitative pulse of organization culture or team climate.

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The ORG360™ allows leaders to:

  • Identify Problems & Risk Areas
  • Discover Areas for Improvement
  • Uncover Processes That Need Improvement
  • Align Staff to Company Goals & Objectives

The ORG360™ allows organizations to become a Five-Star Workplace - a unique and powerful concept in organizational improvement!

Six industry-specific versions of the The ORG360™ are available for:

  • Government360™
  • Business360™
  • Education360™
  • Higher Education360™
  • Healthcare360™
  • Nonprofit360™

Note: To learn more about Workplace Stars and the ORG360™, contact Karla Reiss,

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Additional Services:

  • Strategic Plan facilitation
  • Leadership Assessments
  • Team Meeting facilitation

For more information, contact