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POWERful Coaching for Powerful Results™ certification-track training

This is our popular, well-regarded certification-track leadership coaching program. Since 2008, we have offered this 60+ hour professional coaching training that delivers confident and competent coach preparation. It is currently offered twice a year - June and November - in Boulder, Colorado.

We can also deliver this training in your location.

POWERful Coaching for Powerful Results™ is for busy leaders, professionals and individuals who want to learn a coaching approach to improving performance and results within their organization. With many coach training programs costing too much time and money, ours is concise, condensed and convenient, enabling you to learn essential skills, techniques and tools of professional coaching quickly without sacrificing quality!

Are you facing...

“I absolutely loved your coaching course! It was great to meet and learn from you and all the fantastic participants! Thank you so much.”

~ Susan MacLaughlin, Washington, DC

  • The challenge of boosting your organization to high standards of excellence?
  • The need to drive change among a resistant staff?
  • Greater demands from external sources causing increased need for different leadership skills?
  • A time of transition in your personal or professional life?

Are you seeking more effective ways to...

  • Create a productive, thriving culture?
  • Improve communication with staff?
  • Shift to a coaching style of leadership?
  • Bring out the best in others?
  • Align personal and organizational values, goals and actions to achieve results?
  • Attract and retain high-performing leaders?

If YES, you will benefit by learning to coach; essential skills for today's leader.

Whether you will take on a coaching role within your organization, or wish to add coaching to your independent consulting offerings, or shift your leadership and communication styles to connect in a more meaningful way to people, our POWERful Coaching for Powerful Results™ will prepare you to become a great coach.

What You Will Learn:

  • Dozens of effective coaching skills & techniques
  • Professional Coaching Core Competencies
  • Attributes of a great coach
  • Developing a coaching philosophy and mindset
  • How to develop a coaching relationship
  • Strategies for overcoming resistance to change
  • The language of coaching
  • Peak performance strategies
  • How to use various coaching tools
  • How to use various assessment tools
  • Our POWERful Coaching Framework™
    ...and much more

Results You Will Achieve:

  • Sharpened leadership performance
  • Improved relationships
  • Increased organizational strength
  • Manage resistance
  • Improved communication
  • Executive & staff retention
  • Your challenging goals
  • Deep understanding of change
  • POWERful Leadership Coach Certification

Program Delivery Format:

  • Three-day onsite training
  • Three-month Coaching Practicum

The onsite training is followed by a Coaching Practicum, designed to develop great coaches! Becoming a great coach requires experience, confidence and competence with multiple clients. You will engage in both 1) coaching others and 2) being coached on your own goals as new coaches implement coaching skills and strategies. Ongoing learning and support, guided by certified coaches, provides the necessary experience The Coaching Practicum is a hands-on experience guided by professional coaches.

Coaching Practicum

  • Each participant coaches two people weekly
  • Each participant receives weekly coaching
  • Bi-weekly teleclasses
  • Individual coaching sessions with a certified coach
  • Ongoing supervision by a certified, professional coach
  • Oral & written exam

*Note: We can customize this program in a variety of convenient formats; onsite and via the internet.