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About Us

Karla Reiss, Founder of The Change PlaceChange ManagementI founded The Change Place after more than 20 years working with organizations who agonized with creating successful change. I've always been someone who thrived on change. Yet I saw organizations and leaders fail at efforts to change - time after time. The majority of leaders lack the knowledge, skill and persistence to make lasting change.

I discovered the powerful process of coaching & uncovered the key to change... competent coaching skills. Every leader should know and understand how to adopt a coaching style of leadership.

Since 2002 The Change Place, LLC has provided cost-effective and solid professional coaching training to businesses, school systems, non-profit organizations and individuals who want to develop coaching competence and confidence.

I am the author of two books:

The Change Place is growing!

We are pleased to partner with top-notch certified coaches across the United States. Our network of highly qualified, professional coaches are available to help you or your organization create lasting change... at last!

We work with successful leaders and organizations who:

  • Want to feel more successful, confident and less stressed
  • See a bigger, brighter future for themselves or their organization
  • Are open and willing to do what it takes to achieve extraordinary success
  • Seek skills to create high performing teams and remain competitive and profitable
  • Can benefit from a leadership makeover
  • Wish to be a peak performing leader
  • Need strategies to effectively lead resistant staff members through change
  • Need to shift the current culture to a positive, productive, results-based one
  • Are struggling to meet goals for survival and future growth of their organization