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Professional coach traing for organizations, leaders and individuals


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Since 2002, The Change Place has been a leader in the field of professional coaching. We provide high quality, cost-effective, professional coaching training and organization improvement services to individuals, school systems, non profit organizations, government agencies and businesses of all sizes.

We offer our services at our base in Boulder, Colorado, at your location and on the web.

All programs are designed by President and Founder, Karla Reiss, best-selling author of
Be a Changemaster and the award-winning Leadership Coaching for Educators.

Our mission statement:

Creating transformative change within individuals and organizations so they can achieve their extraordinary goals that reflect their hopes, dreams and desires for the betterment of our world.


We are here to assist you in creating lasting change!



"I truly enjoyed the training -
it exceeded my expectations;
the content, your warm,
open presentation style,
the setting and the other participants.
It was a pure joy."